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An Keys to the Kingdom RPG
21st-Sep-2008 08:31 pm

::The Game::

Q: How should community posts be formatted?

A: All posts should have a Who, Where, and When at the beginning of the post. The day and week should also be placed in the subject line. If the content is going to be heavy in sex, violence, drug use, etc., there should also be a rating added and the post should be friends-locked. All other posts should be left unlocked. If the post is meant to be a narrative, please note that at the top. Also remember that all threading should be done in third person.

Q:  Personal journals?

A: Just like we all blog today, so do the characters in the game. Think of their journal as being their own personal blog. Since not everyone uses their personal name for their journal name, "Princessx18" could be anyone unless a character specifically knows the other's journal name. This can make things interesting later if, for example, an Italian and an Irish person flirt anonymously or something. First person entries can be posted here as well as song lyrics, poems, random lists, etc. All entries will be viewable by the public unless otherwise noted. Private entries should be made clear by either using an LJ-cut tag with "Private to ___" or just making a bolded note at the top of the entry. Example:

Q: How do "tags" work?

A: Tags are short words or phrases to help keep journal entries organized. While you are not required to use them for your character's own personal entries, please remember to use them for any main community posts. Tags should be the first name of the character and separated by a comma to list additional characters. If a character's first name is "Samantha" but goes by "Sam," then use "Sam" for the tag.


Q: What kind of role can a character have?

Characters can range from an Inkfiller to a Dawn, Dusk, and Noon. It depends.

Q: So wait, a character can be in charge of other characters? Like a boss or an underboss?
Of course if your character is one of the top bosses on a "House" However, please do not god-mod simply because your character is in charge.

Q: Can a character kill NPC's?

A: Again, within reason. NPC's are allowed to be killed/tortured/whatever. This is a game, death and violence are expected. However, if your character kills people from another family, don't be surprised when they come looking for revenge. If you want to have your character kill the father/mother/sister/etc. of another character in the game, check with that mun first.


Q: Can I reply to any post?

A: As long as the post is marked as "open" then yes please! We definitely want to encourage everyone to jump into open posts rather than just putting up new ones and hoping someone will reply. Ideally everyone will interact with each other at some point so if you want to post, hit up the open ones first! However, if an open post already has a reply but you still want to join in, please contact the other muns involved to make sure that they are cool with joining in.

Q: How often should I post/update my character?

A: As often as you want! But since we want this game to keep active and moving, if you do not update your character at least once every two weeks, you will receive a warning email from the mods. We understand that RL > RP but if you need a break/hiatus, please let us know. If we do not hear back from you we will assume that you are no longer interested in the game and you will be removed.

Q: How many characters are we allowed to have?

A: Right now the max character limit will be 3 characters per mun.

Q: Is there a waiting period in between apping characters?

A: As long as your first application didn't have a lot of changes, no, but this is up to the mods' discretion.

Note: FAQs will be updated as needed.

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