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An Keys to the Kingdom RPG
21st-Sep-2008 08:29 pm
: Must be at least 14 years old to apply.

:: Mature content must be rated, placed behind a cut and f-locked. Anything too crazy should be run by a mod first. When in doubt, ask!

:: No god-modding. Period.

:: Absolutely no drama. You aren't expected to like/play with everyone but be mature about it.

:: Two strikes, you're out. One warning will be given to allow for the benefit of the doubt, but after that, you're out.

:: Leaving/hiatus: Please let the mods know ahead of time by either email or posting a note in the OOC.

:: Activity: Please post at least once every two weeks and try not to leave other players hanging.

:: All threads are created equal. If we notice one thread getting more attention than another occurring at the same time, we may ask why and that could lead to a warning.

:: Proper grammar/spelling is a must. It makes it easier on everyone.

:: As mods we have the right to deny your application. We are looking for quality writers who put a lot of thought and depth into their characters. If you have been denied, and would like more insight as to why, please contact the mods. However, if you attack us, don't expect a response.

:: Do not request membership to the communities before being accept.

:: Do place the character's application in their user info or an unlocked journal entry.

:: All posts to the main community must be done in third person while personal journal entries should be done in first.

:: Slash is allowed but please be smart about it.

:: If you drop a character, you have to wait three weeks before applying for a new one.
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